Our Mission

The Association is dedicated to providing the solid fuel home heating industry professional development, advocacy and advice for the purpose of promoting renewable and sustainable sources of energy.


Gavin Edwards                        

Vice President


Executive Committee

Barry Griffin                        Technician

Pieter Van Leeuwen            Manufacturer

Neil Tapsell                         Manufacturer

Kingsley Holdaway             Retailer

Karyna Young                     Manufacturer


The elections are carried out at the AGM.  

The AGM date will be advised on the website.  www.nzhha.co.nz



National Secretary


The New Zealand Home Heating Association was formed in 1985, by a group of wood heating manufacturers and retailers who saw a need to improve the standards of product and workmanship within the industry.

Since then the Association has played an active role in the development of appliance and installation standards both nationally and internationally and has become the industry’s mouthpiece. It also plays a major role in the development and promotion of clean air standards, and energy and resource conservation. It runs a certification for installer and retailer members to help ensure that the appropriate standards are maintained at all levels within the industry. The Association is affiliated with similar trade groups and organisations throughout the world.

The New Zealand Home Heating Association is a trade organisation, comprising most of NZ’s leading woodfire manufacturers, retailers and installers, and is dedicated to providing professional services and advice to its members and their customers.

  • To perform all contracts fairly and faithfully, recognising the role of industry in contributing to the comfort and safety of the public.
  • To maintain the highest standards of business practice and courtesy.
  • To make every effort to resolve complaints through fair and reasonable negotiation and to abide by any decision reached by an Arbitration Committee or Inspector appointed.
  • To further the interests of the Association at all times and to be loyal to its aims and objectives.
  • To apply the rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” in all relationships.