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Where there’s smoke there’s … a fine

Winter is here and those with smoking chimneys need to watch out. In a bid to bring pollution levels down, Environment Canterbury (ECan) will be targeting residents in Timaru, Geraldine and Waimate with smoky chimneys. It’s all part of a new rule, as proposed in the Canterbury Air Regional Plan, and applies to all properties […]

ECan to get tough on smoky chimneys

If your chimney pumps smoke into the air this winter you’ll be slapped with a $750 fine. Environment Canterbury is clamping down on air pollution from domestic fires and smoking chimneys are its number one target, with repeat offenders likely to be fined. And those offenders could be property owners with new compliant logburners or […]

Air pollution breaches

Invercargill’s air pollution levels breached national standards 13 times last year, Environment Southland (ES) monitoring found. That was the same number of breaches as in 2013. All were at the mounitoring site in Pomona St, South Invercargill, ES quality scientist Owen West, said in a report to a strategy and policy committee meeting last week. To […]